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Many companies are trying to grow their user base, especially in the app market, by offering cash or cash-equivalent incentives to new users. If one company offers new users a free stock/cryptocurrency/etc., and a competitor doesn't, then the company with the referral program will gain more market share. Therefore, there is strong competition to get you to try out their platform!

However, this gives you the opportunity generate a nice chunk of change by signing up for a bunch of different apps. There's nothing stopping you from trying out all the apps, pocketing the referral bonuses, and then deleting the app if you wish.

I constantly search the web for the latest and greatest referral opportunities, and this is an up-to-date list I'm maintaining that details the best offers around right now! You can make up to $62,347 off of all the referral offers if you are very lucky on the stock referrals in particular. However, even with the worst possible luck, you will make a minimum of $1,334 from all these offers.

CakeDeFi, Gemini,, and OKCoin are WORLDWIDE OFFERS, the rest are US only.

You can find each offer in the links above, or on the banner at the top of the site.

I am very grateful that you decided to check out my site, and I hope that you find it helpful. I've also included some book recommendations which I found to be foundational to my current financial knowledge. I make no money off those books, no affiliate links on them.

If you are interested in asking me any questions or in sharing referrals of your own, feel free to leave a comment below! I will read every one and manually approve them.

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Below is a summary of every referral offer featured on this site. You can find more information one each offer, as well as their corresponding referral links, on the referral cards above or from the banner at the top of this site.